Compressor Unit

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Compressor Unit
Compressor Unit.png

Grade A Compressor Unit.png

Compressor Unit Grid Advanced Compressor Unit.png
In Game
Yes (64)
First Seen

The compressor unit was added solely because the empty tank and the propane tank were added. This is used to craft the tank compressor. Both images are animated, and was made based off of upgrade module things from other mods. The grade A compressor unit was added to make it harder to get other tech blocks.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Compressor Unit

Steel Ingot +
Copper Wire +
Piston +
Circuit Board Tier 1

Grid Steel Ingot.pngGrid Copper Wire.pngGrid Steel Ingot.pngGrid Steel Ingot.png
Grid Steel Ingot.png
Grid Steel Ingot.pngGrid Circuit Board Tier 1.pngGrid Steel Ingot.png

Compressor Unit

Advanced Compressor Unit

Vanadium Plate +
Cut Crystal Gem +
Titanium Plate +
Compressor Unit +
Circuit Board Tier 3

Grid Titanium Plate.pngGrid Cut Crystal Gem.pngGrid Titanium Plate.pngGrid Vanadium Plate.pngCompressor UnitGrid Vanadium Plate.pngGrid Titanium Plate.pngGrid Circuit Board Tier 3.pngGrid Titanium Plate.png
Grid Advanced Compressor Unit.png

Usage[edit | edit source]

As a Crafting Ingredient[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Tank Compressor

Empty Tank +
Titanium Ingot +
Compressor Unit

Grid Titanium Ingot.pngGrid Titanium Ingot.pngGrid Titanium Ingot.pngGrid Empty Tank.pngCompressor UnitGrid Empty Tank.pngGrid Titanium Ingot.pngGrid Titanium Ingot.pngGrid Titanium Ingot.png
Grid Tank Compressor.png

BioFuel Extractor

Steel Ingot +
Flask +
Titanium Frame +
Compressor Unit

Grid Steel Ingot.pngGrid Flask.pngGrid Steel Ingot.pngGrid Steel Ingot.pngGrid Titanium Frame.pngGrid Steel Ingot.pngGrid Steel Ingot.pngCompressor UnitGrid Steel Ingot.png
Grid BioFuel Extractor.png

Matter Condenser

Titanium Ingot +
Circuit Board Tier 3 +
Titanium Frame +
Advanced Compressor Unit +
Cut Crystal Gem

Grid Titanium Frame.pngGrid Circuit Board Tier 3.pngGrid Titanium Frame.pngGrid Titanium Ingot.pngGrid Advanced Compressor Unit.pngGrid Titanium Ingot.pngGrid Titanium Frame.pngGrid Cut Crystal Gem.pngGrid Titanium Frame.png
Grid Matter Condenser.png

Black Hole Generator

Vanadium Plate +
Cut Crystal Gem +
Quantum Manipulator +
Neodymium Magnet +
Titanium Block +
Advanced Compressor Unit

Grid Quantum Manipulator.pngGrid Cut Crystal Gem.pngGrid Quantum Manipulator.pngGrid Vanadium Plate.pngGrid Neodymium Magnet.pngGrid Vanadium Plate.pngGrid Titanium Block.pngGrid Advanced Compressor Unit.pngGrid Titanium Block.png
Grid Black Hole Generator.png

Quantum Compressor Upgrade

Neodymium Magnet +
Advanced Compressor Unit +
Vanadium Ingot +
Quantum Manipulator +
Upgrade Base

Grid Vanadium Ingot.pngGrid Advanced Compressor Unit.pngGrid Vanadium Ingot.pngGrid Neodymium Magnet.pngGrid Quantum Manipulator.pngGrid Neodymium Magnet.pngGrid Vanadium Ingot.pngGrid Upgrade Base.pngGrid Vanadium Ingot.png
Grid Quantum Compressor Upgrade.png

Achievements[edit | edit source]

IconAchievementIn-game descriptionPrerequisitesOtherVersion Added
Achievement-fancy.pngGrid Grade A Compressor Unit.pngCompress all the Things!Craft a grade A compressorSo Pretty16w15a/Beta 2.0

History[edit | edit source]

Official Release
2.015w11aAdded compressor unit.
15w18aAdded a crafting recipe for it.
15w40aChange the recipe from using iron to steel ingots.
16w08aAdded grade A compressor unit.
16w15aAdded achievement.
17w31bChanged recipe for compressor unit.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Was added for the tank compressor.
  • Texture was based off of update module things from other mods.