Hard Crystal Ball

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Hard Crystal Ball
Hard Crystal Ball.png
Hard Crystal Ball
In Game
Yes (64)
First Seen
Beta 1.8

The hard crystal ball is made from smelting a crystal ball. This item is used to make essences and that is used to make the healer.



Name Ingredients Smelting recipe

Hard Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball +
Any fuel

Grid Crystal Ball.png
Grid Any fuel.png

Hard Crystal Ball


You can right click on blocks to get the essences respectively.

  • Dirt, grass: Essence of Earth.
  • Water: Essence of Water.
  • Lava, netherrack: Essence of Fire.
  • Leaves, flowers, vines, cactus, tall grass, just plant stuff in general: Essence of Life.
  • Not at any block, just looking up in the sky: Essence of Air.

As a Crafting Ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Essence of Earth

Hard Crystal Ball +
Dirt or
Grass Block

Hard Crystal Ball

Grid Essence of Earth.png

Essence of Water

Water Bucket +
Hard Crystal Ball

Hard Crystal Ball

Grid Essence of Water.png

Essence of Fire

Hard Crystal Ball +
Netherrack or
Lava Bucket or
Flint and Steel

Hard Crystal Ball

Grid Essence of Fire.png

Essence of Life

Hard Crystal Ball +
Grass or
Fern or
Poppy or
Dandelion or
Red Mushroom or
Brown Mushroom or
Oak Leaves or
Birch Leaves or
Spruce Leaves or
Jungle Leaves or
Dark Oak Leaves or
Acacia Leaves or
Willow Leaves or
Ebony Leaves or
Silkwood Leaves or
Oak Sapling or
Birch Sapling or
Spruce Sapling or
Jungle Sapling or
Dark Oak Sapling or
Acacia Sapling or
Willow Sapling or
Ebony Sapling or
Silkwood Sapling or
Lily Pad or
Vines or
Cactus or
Cactus Green

Grid Willow Leaves.pngGrid Ebony Leaves.pngGrid Silkwood Leaves.png

Grid Willow Sapling.pngGrid Ebony Sapling.pngGrid Silkwood Sapling.png

Hard Crystal Ball

Grid Essence of Life.png

Essence of Air

Hard Crystal Ball

Hard Crystal Ball

Grid Essence of Air.png


1.8Added hard crystal ball.
Official Release
2.015w11aYou can right click on blocks to get the essences respectively. (Except for air)
15w41aFixed where you can get essence of air by clicking in the air. But now you can't get water or lava, you have to craft those..
15w43aFixed some bugs with the hard crystal ball and essence getting. You can get the liquid (water & lava) essences, air and everything else.


Bug; 15w11a - 15w40a: Right clicking in the air to get the essence of air will make you crash.
Bug; 15w41a: You can not click water or lava source with hard crystal ball to get essence of water or fire. You have to craft in order to get them.


  • It is hard to tell the texture difference from the crystal ball and this item, only difference is, is that this item is darker.
  • Used to get the essences.
  • Is apart of the process in making the healer.